Sep. 22nd, 2009

Actually I require a GOOD plot with my porn and not just interchangeable insert tab A in slot B shenanigans that could be anyone, anywhere.

This is brought to you by searching out stories last night for my various latest obsessions (and we all know I'm president of Weird Shippers Anon) and finding a lot of Tab A/Slot B stories which had nothing to do with the actually characters which is irritating because the reason (I would assume) one writes fan fic or original fic is because we like the characters and we want to progress them to the booty call with some sort of intelligent reasoning and keeping in characterization or SOMETHING. Because why else would you write about these particular people if you didn't GET them and...and...


And this isn't about bad writing versus good writing. Honest. Sometimes bad execution of a good idea is better than good execution of Tab A/Slot B shenanigans.

Part of this is also some criticism I've gotten about my novels in where there isn't enough sex. And I get that - I am not an overly porny person. I like it! I write it! But I find it exhausting to imagine writing a novel with thirty scenes of sex. Hell, I wrote RPG set in a SEX CLUB and my porn output was still faaaaaaar less than other people. (Then again I also wrote married het in that same game so clearly I don't follow the piper too well.)

I can't remember if I had a point when I started this...

What is YOUR two cents about plot and porning and amount of a porning? Does one good love scene trump five? Extra points for outrambling me...



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