2011-02-21 12:23 am
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Fic: The Suspension

Title: The Suspension
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Genre: Pre-slash
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Word count: 4998
This is part 1. Part 2 coming soon.

Seriously, this thing just kept going so I decided to make it a multi-parter. Here's the first part. There is a slight  )
2011-01-31 11:23 am

H50 Unusual Pairings Fest - 2011!

And the fests continue!

Let's go folks - dig into your brain and find me those unusual H50 pairings! Steve/The Governor (I'll give someone a cookie for a Steve/Danny/The Governor), Chin/Jack McGarrett, Danny/Kono/Sang Min, Rachel/Wo Fat! Het, slash, threesome, foursome, EVERYONE, all ratings of fic plus pictures, icons, links, recs - whatever you got!

Heck, you can even just make a case for your unusual pairing and see what pops up!

Rules: Nothing except - keep it respectful to persons but real and fictional. No counterarguments (But Sang Min would never sleep with anyone who didn't have hair as good as his!). Pimp if you so desire.

2011-01-24 10:53 am
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Rachelfest 2011 is here!

It's time to show recurring cast member and the lovely Brit a bit of the fandom love. She's smart and beautiful and sassy and she runs her car into cute boys to get their attention. Not a fading flower our Rachel.

Fic, links to fic, drabbles, picspam, art, icons - whatever medium you'd like to play around in. Feel free to link - this post will be left public and we'll keep going until we're all played out.

Got some Danny/Rachel/Steve hanging around? Second chance at love Rachel and Danny? Family fic? Pre-series stories? Some Rachel/Chin that hasn't seen the light of day? ;)

Warnings: Please use them but readers be aware - all pairings and types of fic welcome (just let's show respect to humans in general, okay?). Femmeslash, het, threesomes, foursomes - it's all good!

Here are two icons to share:

2011-01-10 09:46 am
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To take away the sting of yet another repeat, we're going to show Kono a bit of love.

Fic, links to fic, drabbles, picspam, art, icons - whatever medium you'd like to play around in. Feel free to link - this post will be left public and we'll keep going until we're all Kono'd out.

Warnings: Please use them but readers be aware - all pairings and types of fic welcome (just let's show respect to humans in general, okay?). Femmeslash, het, threesomes, foursomes, cousinsomes - it's all good!

Annnnnnnnd go!
2009-09-22 09:28 am

I like plot with my porn

Actually I require a GOOD plot with my porn and not just interchangeable insert tab A in slot B shenanigans that could be anyone, anywhere.

This is brought to you by searching out stories last night for my various latest obsessions (and we all know I'm president of Weird Shippers Anon) and finding a lot of Tab A/Slot B stories which had nothing to do with the actually characters which is irritating because the reason (I would assume) one writes fan fic or original fic is because we like the characters and we want to progress them to the booty call with some sort of intelligent reasoning and keeping in characterization or SOMETHING. Because why else would you write about these particular people if you didn't GET them and...and...


And this isn't about bad writing versus good writing. Honest. Sometimes bad execution of a good idea is better than good execution of Tab A/Slot B shenanigans.

Part of this is also some criticism I've gotten about my novels in where there isn't enough sex. And I get that - I am not an overly porny person. I like it! I write it! But I find it exhausting to imagine writing a novel with thirty scenes of sex. Hell, I wrote RPG set in a SEX CLUB and my porn output was still faaaaaaar less than other people. (Then again I also wrote married het in that same game so clearly I don't follow the piper too well.)

I can't remember if I had a point when I started this...

What is YOUR two cents about plot and porning and amount of a porning? Does one good love scene trump five? Extra points for outrambling me...

2008-01-07 10:10 am


2007-12-24 11:46 am
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Happy Everything!

...so long as you're happy.

Whatever you are celebrating today - even if it's just "Monday", I hope it's a wonderful day/s for you and yours.

Health and love and peace and creativity and laughter and hope to my flist and to your flists and families and let's just keep the circle of "good" going.

2007-10-31 01:36 pm

Digital Photographer?

I'm looking for someone local for a work project - that means the NY/NJ metro area. Someone to take digital photographs then do some Photoshopping. This is product work (ie: photographing lights, cameras and boxes, etc.). You should have your own equipment and car.

I need to give my boss some names ASAP because she needs someone quickly so if you're that somebody or you have a responsible friend who does this sort of work, please email me (teabeemain (at) gmail.com). This is a paid gig of course!

2007-10-14 01:58 pm

Hello from LA!

It's a good thing I'm typing this because my voice is sketchy. Of course. I think I might have con crud early. Or else I've just talked too damn much. Go me!

Wincon is almost over and it's been AWESOMESAUCE. Times ten. I've met new folks and my old buddies and just spent the past four days surrounded by damn funny people. \o/ <---Paul Gross arms.

I'll write more later but I just wanted to say HI to my flist back home and HI to those checking their LJ after the con. XOXOX
2007-09-24 09:05 am


First of all, thank you so much to everyone who responded to my "woe is me musicless moron" post. You (collectively) rock.

ALLY! You were a gem amongst humans for telling me to contact iTunes - I got all my purchased music back!!!! Getting that email this morning was pure joy. A shout out to iTunes and Apple? I sent the email at like 1am and got an answer by 8am. On a Monday morning. Someone deserves a cookie.

Everyone who offered music: I'm going to see what I'm missing and respond and in return...hell, I don't know. If you ask me for fic it might take awhile. Jewelry? My undying gratitude? All of the above? Just ask!!

Allergies and lack of sleep have made my eyeballs tiny dry sponges. But my bottle of Dry Eye(tm) and I are going to drive to 7-11, buy a monster size Gulp(tm) and persevere through the day.

And I'm off...
2007-09-23 10:46 pm


I somehow (trying to "fix" something while you have a massive headache is a bad idea) deleted my iTunes library and wiped out everything on my iPod in one fell swoop and there's no way to recover it - I checked. I have NO MUSIC. *cries* Even all my purchased stuff (not a small amount of money) is gone.


Does anyone have handy links to some of the SPN soundtracks that have been posted? I realize there were about 1,000 of them thus far but if you have any in your links, I would really appreciate it. It's a place to start at least. Thanks.
2007-09-21 12:20 am
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My quotes for today...

In real life, I assure you, there is no such thing as algebra.
- Fran Lebowitz

Irrationally held truths may be more harmful than reasoned errors.
- Thomas H. Huxley
2007-09-06 12:00 am

Uh...stupid question?

If you have your Season 2 SPN dvds? I just put my #6 disc in to see the special features and I have a listing under special features for the two commentaries and the two commentaries with Chinese subtitles...and that's it. Where's everything else?

I realize I'm incredibly tired but I feel like a moron at the moment. Hellllllllllp?
2007-09-04 09:53 am

Just a quick note:

I'm doing a quick flist cut today as it's gotten a teeny bit unwieldy for the coming few months what with the new part time job and school and projects and such. No offense intended of course.

If anyone is looking for my writing you can find most of it at [livejournal.com profile] tjournal_fic or on JF at "tbee" - the latter is where "Timmy" is located. You can drop me a line here if you're looking for something specific and can't find it.

Thank you!
2007-08-30 08:49 pm

Flisters going to Wincon

I am doing the raffles for Wincon this year; I have some fun ideas for single items and "big ticket" stuff and I was wondering if I had any potential volunteers or those with something to donate?

Please drop me a line at teabeemain(at)gmail.com if you're interested. Spread the word if you know someone who's crafty or creative and would like to help.

2007-08-20 09:34 am

Quick Public note:

I've recently had a bunch of requests for friending and think I've gotten to everyone. If I missed you, please let me know.

If you're looking for "Timmy" and have been friended, it's easy to find via tags.

If you're not friended and still looking for "Timmy", you can try my JF writing journal tbee.

2007-08-08 09:51 am

Happiness Happens Day

(gakked from [livejournal.com profile] wendy

Today is National Happiness Happens Day. The day was developed to remind people that happiness happens when you least expect it, and that it's ok to admit you have a smile on your face.

It also is important to note that you have to work to make happiness happen, for yourself and for other people.

Happiness Happens Day is about being happy, putting good vibes in the world, being nice. No complaining, no negativity. Just for one day. You can do it, I know you can!

How you celebrate is up to you. But, here are a few of my suggestions:

-TELL people what today is.
-Give compliments.
-Say thank you.
-Do a Random Act of Kindness for someone offline.
-Give someone an LJ gift. (It's 99 cents!)
-Make a custom icon for someone else.
-Write a comment fic for someone else.
-Post pictures of things that make you happy.
-Start a love meme.
-Anything else you can come up with!

Check in, let me know how the day goes! Put effort into this, let's MAKE IT WORK because we all deserve to be happy.
2007-06-07 03:30 pm
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2007-06-06 01:57 pm
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Okay, I got 15 new pieces up at the old website.

My jewelry site

The larger sized pictures are coming out funky (GRRRR) so if you can't see if clearly and need a copy of the picture sent to you, let me know!

As always, everything is one of a kind - first come, first serve. I love special orders!!
2007-06-06 09:06 am


All my fic (currently locked) is being moved to [livejournal.com profile] tjournal_fic today. Everything will be backdated and hopefully very well tagged so you can find multiple parts of the story.

Please feel free to friend. It will remain public but this journal is still Friends Only.

Thank you!